Already have a KVM with us and in need of additional storage? Whether it’s a Mini, Maxi, Game- or PowerKVM you can now easily add storage to your VPS. You don’t even need to reboot your machine!


Additional storage will only set you back € 8 / year for every 100 GB!


Our storage solution is built on ZFS. We’re using mirrored drives only (RAID10 equivalent) and SSD drives for caching purposes. This gives us a high capacity, fully redundant and great performing storage solution.

Multi VPS usage

With most providers you can only access your storage from one VPS. Not with us. Buy storage once and share it with multiple or all your servers using NFS. Rather have one or more block devices instead? No problem, use iSCSI just as easily!


Do you have VPS servers in multiple locations? Our superfast and isolated private LAN is there to connect your servers as if they were in one DC. You can share your storage across all these servers as well!* (* Latency might increase depending on the location).

Unmetered bandwidth

Any bytes sent over our private LAN don’t add to your monthly limit! Copy as many files as you want between all your VPS servers or to and from your additional storage space.


Get one free snapshot with every additional storage purchase! More available at minimal charge.


Our storage is running over private network connections. No outside access possible. You decide which VPS has access or not. Still need access to your files from the internet? Enable FTP with one click of a mouse button!

Here’s an example of our storage control panel: